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Choreography:  Fanchon Shur     Dancers: MIchelle Bump, Deborah Brock-Blanks, Larry Brown, Kenn Deigh, Vickie Fairchild, Suzanne Gerard, Tina Guiterrez, Renee Henry, LIndsey Jones, Steve Kreimer, Flora Leptak-Moreau, Madeleine MItchell Villanueva     Sacred Witnesses: Lloyd Bernstein, Diana Guy, Shirley Krull, Nathaniel Love, Erica Murdock, Alok Narayana, Linda Reiff, Doug Sawan, Linda Sawan, Ashley Vissing, George Wadih

Photos with a heavy stage light color presence may appear “muddier” on some computer screens but should print to professional quality standards when prints are ordered and color corrections are made.

00-ATB_INFO2006.jpg IMG_0294A.jpg IMG_0295A.jpg IMG_0298A.jpg
 00-Photo Info  IMG_0294A  IMG_0295A  IMG_0298A
IMG_0299A.jpg IMG_0304A.jpg IMG_0306A.jpg IMG_0309A.jpg
 IMG_0299A  IMG_0304A  IMG_0306A  IMG_0309A
IMG_0311A.jpg IMG_0312A.jpg IMG_0313A.jpg IMG_0315A.jpg
 IMG_0311A  IMG_0312A  IMG_0313A  IMG_0315A
IMG_0316A.jpg IMG_0317A.jpg IMG_0318A.jpg IMG_0319A.jpg
 IMG_0316A  IMG_0317A  IMG_0318A  IMG_0319A
IMG_0320A.jpg IMG_0321A.jpg IMG_0322A.jpg IMG_0323A.jpg
 IMG_0320A  IMG_0321A  IMG_0322A  IMG_0323A
IMG_0324A.jpg IMG_0001B.jpg IMG_0003B.jpg IMG_0004B.jpg
 IMG_0324A  IMG_0001B  IMG_0003B  IMG_0004B
IMG_0005B.jpg IMG_0006B.jpg IMG_0007B.jpg IMG_0008B.jpg
 IMG_0005B  IMG_0006B  IMG_0007B  IMG_0008B
IMG_0009B.jpg IMG_0010B.jpg IMG_0011B.jpg IMG_0013B.jpg
 IMG_0009B  IMG_0010B  IMG_0011B  IMG_0013B
IMG_0014B.jpg IMG_0015B.jpg IMG_0017B.jpg IMG_0018B.jpg
 IMG_0014B  IMG_0015B  IMG_0017B  IMG_0018B
IMG_0019B.jpg IMG_0022B.jpg IMG_0023B.jpg IMG_0024B.jpg
 IMG_0019B  IMG_0022B  IMG_0023B  IMG_0024B
IMG_0026B.jpg IMG_0027B.jpg IMG_0028B.jpg IMG_0030B.jpg
 IMG_0026B  IMG_0027B  IMG_0028B  IMG_0030B
IMG_0031B.jpg IMG_0032B.jpg IMG_0033B.jpg IMG_0035B.jpg
 IMG_0031B  IMG_0032B  IMG_0033B  IMG_0035B
IMG_0037B.jpg IMG_0038B.jpg    
 IMG_0037B  IMG_0038B    


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